ICO consideration ~ Is it really beneficial to be able to settle in tokens?

ICO consideration ~ Is it really beneficial to be able to settle in tokens?

This time I would like to consider the meaning of the possibility of settlement with ICO token.
Why did I think this article should be raised this time? The reason is

It is highly likely that most ICOs will become able to settle with that token that it will only be disadvantageous for that token.

Regarding the above, I think that it can be divided between pros and cons, but I would appreciate it if you read my article once and seriously consider it.

First of all, most of all of you think that you are purchasing a token because “this token is likely to raise its value”.
Based on this theory,

The token will not rise without the amount (person) to buy rather than the amount (person) to sell.

Here is a question to everyone.
There are goods you want to buy there, and it is the same value for both tokens and cash. If you do not have virtual currency, do you buy it with token or cash?

Of course the answer would be “cash”.
When purchasing in the virtual currency, some people have to learn and execute all of the opening of an exchange, purchasing tokens, remittance and so on.
Furthermore, there is a possibility that even if the value of the token is raised at the timing of the purchase of goods, taxes may also be incurred.
I will never do such a troublesome thing. (Lol)

Then, what will increase the value of the token on the contrary?

That is a situation where a lot of people have to purchase tokens or situations where a lot of people buy it despite their time and effort.
How many examples of such tokens are there? Of course there are almost no such cases.

For example, opportunities to be able to pay food and beverage by tokens are increasing.
Management of a restaurant should cover the operating cost, so most of the tokens obtained should be immediately sold. (Unless the manager turns virtual currency into investment)

In that theory it is natural that the value of the token will go down if the token is sold by a restaurant operator as soon as the holder who had the token used it to pay for food and drink.

How was your token owned? Is the virtual currency essential for the project that the token is doing?
Although it became a slightly critical article this time, I would be happy if you can find a good token and find a good investment.


There is little reason to purchase existing tokens for settlement.
Most of the coins used for payment will be sold.
From now on, in order for the project to survive, there must be a reason why settlement must be done with tokens.