Medical tourism and EMI project

Medical tourism and EMI project

This article is about the deep relationship between medical tourism and EMI project and its advantage.
First of all I will explain medical tourism briefly
“Visit countries or regions different from migrant countries to receive medical services (diagnosis, treatment, etc.)”.
For example, Japanese go to Korea for plastic surgery.

The figure below is the market size of medical tourism in Japan during the year.

As you can see, the demand for medical tourism to Japan is quite high.
However, there are some major obstacles as below.

  • Remittance charge
  • Outstanding of payment
  • Withdrawal limit

I will explain in order from the top.

First of all, it is a matter of remittance commission.

A large amount of foreign currency is necessary to receive medical tourism.
A considerable fee will be incurred.

Next is Outstanding of payment

About 35% of medical institutions are experiencing unpaid from patients coming from abroad.
In this situation medical institutions are hesitant, despite expectations for profitability.

Finally it is a withdrawal limit.

There is a withdrawal limit in China with the largest number of people in the above figure.
It is “100,000 yuan per year”. In Japanese yen it is equivalent to about 2 million or less · · ·.
It is impossible to afford medical expenses and living expenses with this.

Thus medical tourism has many problems.
So how does EMI project involve such problems?

As a premise, one of the concepts of EMI project is “Construction of settlement platform”.
What if it were implemented?

1.Purchase EMI token in your country.
2.Advance payment through the EMI platform.
3.Visit Japan and get medical treatment.

In this way it is possible to solve all problems, that is withdrawal limitation, expensive overseas remittance fee, even outstanding payment issue.

What did you think?

Have you noticed the attractiveness of the EMI project and the size of its concept?
I truly believe that this project has the potential to greatly develop the world’s medical care.
But there are still a lot of advantages of the EMI project.
Continue writing the advantage of the EMI project.


・The demand for Incoming medical tourism to Japan is very high
・However, there are various problems in the current environment.
・The EMI platform has the potential to solve various problems of medical tourism and greatly develop into medical tourism.