Conception of EMI project ~ Part 1 ~

Conception of EMI project ~ Part 1 ~

In this article, I will tell everyone an idea written in the white paper of the EMI project in an easy-to-understand manner.

This theme is about “aggregation of medical information” of the concept of EMI project.
I wrote that aggregation of medical information has been difficult due to various difficulties.
So how does the EMI project intend to consolidate medical information?
I would like to write while picking up the problems of previous articles.

First of all, it is about “security problem”. If security is weak it is premature to talk about aggregation of medical information.
The EMI project developed a method of storing medical information on a block chain, but that alone is not much different from other medical ICOs.
The point that the EMI project is evolving is that medical information is kept separately in private block chains and public block chains.
As a concrete example, medical information is stored in a private block chain, and management data of EMI token and access authorization data to medical information are stored in a public block chain.
Safety is fully secured by this alone, but by keeping all the medical information of the EMI project in an encrypted state, it keeps safety even higher.
In addition, we have a mechanism that further strengthens security with respect to secret key generation, but we will skip the explanation here.

Next, there is no merit in patients and medical institutions in other projects.
On the other hand, the EMI project solves this problem by “incentive design”.
Briefly, it is a mechanism to give EMI tokens to patients and medical institutions that provided medical information to the EMI platform.
As a result, medical institutions and patients can benefit from providing medical information.
I will post another article about the use of EMI token.

Finally, the EST Corporation, the first partner of the EMI Foundation, is in charge of supporting the electronicization of medical data, and since it has connections with many medical institutions and medical associations, the EMI platform has great advantages in aggregating medical information There will be that.
Although I could not say enough about the advantages of the EMI project here, I wrote a small part of the aggregation of medical information this time.
For further introductions in the next article.