Problems of medical information aggregation?

Problems of medical information aggregation?

Actually, medical information is not easy to get by simply paying the money.

So this time I would like to write an article with the theme “Problems in aggregating medical information”.

The first problem is the problem of “security”.
When information is aggregated, the risk of information leakage will increase. In Singapore, there were 1.5 million information leaks and it became big news.
Under such circumstances, many people will be happy to accept the provision of information even though there is no particular merit.

Furthermore, medical institutions may lose opportunities profitably by sharing information.
Here is an example.

When information is not shared

When information is shared

Thus, for both patients and medical institutions, there is no merit by providing information.

Furthermore, even if sharing of medical information works well, there are still disadvantages.

For example, even with a single medical record, there are various standards depending on the demands of each hospital and standardization is difficult.
In this way, there are many problems in aggregating medical information, and it is inevitable that further complex problems must be solved when putting it into practical use.
I focused on “the problem of aggregation of medical information” this time, but I’d appreciate it if you understand that the EMI project is a magnificent plan.


Tight security is required for aggregation of medical information.
In the current system, there is only a disadvantage in the information provider’s side rather than the merit.