The value of medical information

The value of medical information

This time we will consider how much value medical information currently has in order to talk about “Aggregation of medical information” which is one of the concepts of the EMI project.

By the way, companies all over the world are concentrating on medical information collection recently, such as

As you can see, it is not “medical institutions” but “IT companies” that collects medical information now.
“why? ”

They are investing a lot of money to consolidate medical information. (See image below)

Actually medical information is actually incredibly difficult to obtain from various reasons, and it has tremendous value.

Do you know this story?

There was a person who suffered from a symptom of unknown disease name. He was consulted at various hospitals, but each hospital presented different disease names, different treatments, which eventually did not lead to good results.
Meanwhile, he entered information into AI and gave the results of examination on a trial.
Surprisingly, AI diagnosed the name of disease which could not be answered from other hospitals, and also instantly came up to the treatment method for it.
Of course, the disease name was correct as well as the treatment method appropriately.
I feel that such a medical approach will develop further in the future and become an epoch-making thing that can not be imagined from the traditional medical treatment so far.

In order to know the disease name, it is necessary to comprehensively judge all causes such as current condition, past history, lifestyle, etc., and it is a work to find the most similar thing.

With current IT and AI technologies, it is nothing to remember tens of thousands of dictionaries, and even clones can be generated indefinitely. Update of data is also instantaneous.

Yes, in short, IT companies are aiming for the state of the art medical care as mentioned above.
Medical treatment is permanently required unless the concept of life forms disappears.

I could not introduce the contents of the EMI project this time, but I hope that you can trust the value of medical data as well.


A major IT company in the world now uses huge funds to aggregate medical information
Medicine that incorporates AI technology will become mainstream in the future.