Top 3 attractive things of EST corporation that we think

Top 3 attractive things of EST corporation that we think
Hello Guys!
I examined the EST corporation which is the principal partner of EMI foundation!
Since EST corporation is a company that actually takes charge of the business part of EMI foundation, knowing that company is very important.
I will introduce the top three things of their Attractiveness at once.


① Company Year / Month


EST corporation was founded on July 12, 2007. The point is that it is a company with a proven track record over 10 years.
In general ICOs, it is common to develop projects after financing is finished. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the project to be suspended after finishing financing as written in the last article.
Under such circumstances, in the case of the EMI project, it is a company that has already been in operation for more than 10 years, which is a promising material.


② Performance


In addition, EST corporation has a remarkable achievement in its achievements. I will introduce some of them below.


〜Major trading partner〜


Medical Association: 72 Medical Association
Medical institution: 600 municipalities
Medical institution:16,000 medical institutions





Best Venture 100(6 years in a row))
Great Place to work(2 years in a row)
Japan Innovation business award(Winning the Best Award)
2015 SBI Kitao Award (The Winner)


〜Share holders〜


SBI investment




As you can see, EST corporation is trusted by many medical institutions and companies.
In addition, the EMI project received the best award at the block chain conference “Block Train”held abroad, and has also been taken up in various Japanese and foreign media.

③ Medical information


One of the objectives of the EMI project is aggregation of medical information.In this regard, various medical ICOs aim for the purpose, but the EMI project has a different advantagethan the others.
That is, the EST corporation already has a considerable amount of medical information aggregated.
By the way, please refer to the figure below to see how much amount is being consolidated!
IBM acquired Truven for $ 260 million
GSK invested 300 million dollars against 23 and ME


As mentioned above, the EST corporation is aggregating medical information that is nearly equal to or greater than that of a large enterprise that is aggregating other medical information.




The value of an ICO coin aiming at aggregating medical information is secured by the amount of medical information.
Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that est corporation which already holds such a large amount of medical information already has value for coins.
Did we successfully deliver more attractiveness of EMI project to you in this article?
We will continue to introduce the atractiveness of the EMI project more and more and I hope everyone will be excited together.