Where will EMI coins become utalized?

Where will EMI coins become utalized?

In this article I would like to write an article on where EMI coins are actually utilized.

The provisional list of services available for Emi token.

Payment at medical institution
Purchase medical materials
Purchase of health-related products
Insurance payment

These will be the actual platform on which EMI coins will be available.
EMI tokens will also be awarded for you by giving your medical information or being healthy. It is really wonderful if it can be used for payment.

However, in many ICOs, the settlement function with that token is described on the WP, but it is another matter whether it is actually put into practical use or not.

The case where the project after the ICO actually stagnates frequently occurs, and I think that the actual state of the project progress will be one of the concerns for investors in ICO.
So what about the EMI project?

Looking at the white paper, ESTDoc is supposed to introduce the payment function at its early stage.

By the way, ESTDoc is a search and reservation site of a hospital operated by EST Corporation, the first partner of EMI Foundation.
In addition, the EST Corporation itself has already undertaken a business history of more than 10 years, and for ESTDoc it will be a site with 3 million PV · 10,000 cases of clinical reservation monthly.
This introduction with this partner is one of the major advantages.

In addition, as a matter of fact, the average hospital waiting time is actually about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Search by ESTDoc → Booking → If you can prepay for EMI coins, what will happen to this situation?
Of course it will not be a project to be completed overnight.
However, I think that it is unbearable to be kept waiting at a hospital for a long time under circumstances such as “being injured”, “not being in good condition”, etc. It must be improved as soon as possible.
It is possible to search quickly for available hospitals, and there is no waiting time at the hospital. I am convinced that if such an environment is made by Emi Project, the form of medical treatment will change drastically.
Among the people who are reading this article, I am very pleased if there are more people who agree with this idea and who seriously support this project.


· EMI coins become available for ESTDoc by EST Corporation, the first partner of EMI Foundation.
· After this is implemented, the waiting time of the hospital can be greatly reduced.